Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Information of characters

This is the Facebook fanpage to gather fans of the movie [Takumi-kun Series 4: Pure] from all over the world :D Keep an eye out on this page for announcements! ^___^

We are an English-speaking community here, so I will pretty much require everyone to speak in English. Japanese is okay, though ^^;

Summary of the MANGA chapters of the arc can be found here:

Misu Arata: Baba Ryouma (

Shingyouji Kanemitsu: Naitou Taiki (

Akaike Shouzou: Takiguchi Yukihiro (

Sagara Takahiro: Hirose Yuusuke (

Takabayashi Izumi: Mitsuya Ryou (

Yoshizawa Michio: Kobayashi Yutaka (

Hayama Takumi: Hamao Kyousuke (

Saki Giichi: Watanabe Daisuke (

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